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Do you need a WIN?

Does it seem like nothing has gone your way except life keeps piling on?   Well, you aren't alone, and thankfully there is a solution to this dilemma. Check out this episode!
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Christ Life?

Is there a way to take a stand and still have a Christ Life?   Yes.   There’s also a wrong way to take a stand.   Agree? A “Mini Talk” from my Mini Cooper with Nathan Tabor, Check out this episode!

I Can't Do It

I can't do it! Have you ever had that thought? Well, I have, especially when I think about having to face the music for some past action. Is that where you are right now? If so, then this show is for you. Check out this episode!

It's My Money

Have you ever had the thought, "If I give money to God, then I won't have money to do what I want?" I have. Have you? Probably so. Now, let's find out how to handle this thought. Check out this episode!

Where are you?

For years, I struggled to be honest with myself about where I was with God. I said one thing, but my actions showed another. Is that where you are right now? Check out this episode!

Does Your Spouse Know?

Are you wondering if your spouse knows you’re struggling?   The answer is yes.   So, what should you do?   Listen to find out what I did. Check out this episode!

Practicing What You Preach

As you know, it’s easy to give others advice, but how do you respond to your advice? Well, recently, I was faced with applying my own advice to a situation. Listen to find out what happened and what I did. Check out this episode!

Do you feel alone?

Do you feel like no one else will understand your situation? Well, you aren’t alone in your feelings! Check out this episode!

No Matter Where You Are

No matter where you are, God loves you and He has a plan for you. If you are ready to start serving God but not sure where to start, then check out my personal story at Check out this episode!

Types of Trials

There are two types of trials in our lives. Can you identify what type of trial you are in? Check out this episode!


Reflection is good, just make sure you don’t get stuck reflecting. Why? Listen to find out. Check out this episode!

Doing What It Takes

When circumstances change, are you willing to change? I've recently had to answer this question for myself - it was quite liberating.  I hope what I learned will be a help to you.  Check out this episode!

Be an Example

What type of example are you to others? I know for at one point, I was a terrible example. Check out this episode!

Dealing with Bad News

We can’t stop bad things from happening, but we can start handling bad news the right way.  Ready to learn the right way? Check out this episode!

Not Paying Attention

What happens when you don’t pay attention? Usually, you make a mistake and possibly even hurt yourself. Well, I recently hurt myself because I wasn’t paying attention, and while it was a small abrasion, it was excruciating and it took weeks to heals. So, how does "Not Paying Attention" apply to our walk with God? Listen to find out! Check out this episode!

In Times of Distress

The way we react to distress impacts us and those around us. So, how should we respond in times of distress? Check out this episode!

the word TRUTH

What does truth mean?   Does it mean true until proven otherwise? Or, does it mean absolute, unchanging? Listen to find out what TRUTH means and why it matters. Check out this episode!

Two Choices in Life

I’ve always heard you have a choice to either do right or do wrong.   Well, is that true for a Christian?   If not, what two choices does a Christian have?   Listen to find out! Check out this episode!

Put God First

Do you understand the significance of putting God first?   Do you realize the difference it will make in your life? Take 5 minutes and listen.   I promise it will be worth your time. Check out this episode!

Half-Hearted Obedience

If you do something half-hearted does it count?   If you obey God half of the time does it count?   Listen and let me know what you think. Brought to you by the Modern-Day Jonah Program.   The Modern-Day Jonah Program is a Bible-Based, Christ-Centered 7-week action plan which focuses on 7 areas of your life.  Sign up at Check out this episode!