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Where are you?

For years, I struggled to be honest with myself about where I was with God. I said one thing, but my actions showed another. Is that where you are right now?
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Not Paying Attention

What happens when you don’t pay attention? Usually, you make a mistake and possibly even hurt yourself.Well, I recently hurt myself because I wasn’t paying attention, and while it was a small abrasion, it was excruciating and it took weeks to heals.So, how does "Not Paying Attention" apply to our walk with God? Listen to find out!
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From Broken to Strong

How does one overcome an abusive marriage, being flat broke, not having a relationship with their mother and having to make a life-changing decision?  Well, my guest today, Teresa Overcast, BIC/Owner for Realty One Group Results, has done just that and much more and I guarantee you will be encouraged and inspired by her story. 
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