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Man to Man: Handling Life

Life is still full of hardships and bumps in the road.  None of that will ever change.  But the important thing that has changed is how I handle life.

First, I know God has a bigger and better plan for my life, so I turn the stress and anxiety over to Him.  Sometimes I turn the same thing over to him numerous times throughout the day.

Second, my relationships aren’t damaged anymore because of my short temper.   I work hard to control it, but when I lose it, I quickly own it and apologize.

Third, striving to put my wife in front of me works.   I know, it goes against human nature to put someone else ahead of you all the time, but I promise the results will shock you!

So, how should a man of God handle life? He should apply God’s word to his life, he should obey God’s commands, and he should show the love of Christ to others.

I pray these words bless you, and I pray that you start the daily journey to give God control of your life!


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