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5 Steps to Dealing with any Issue or Problem

There are five steps everyone must take when applying the Law of Order:  Admit, Identify, Establish, Implement and Evaluate. 

First Step: Admit 

You must be willing to admit to yourself you need to make a change.  Pretending everything is “ok” is only going to prolong your problems.   It’s time to admit your issues and move quickly to discovers solutions and remedies. 

You aren’t alone.  Nobody—and I mean nobody—goes through life without problems. What most people do is go throughout life without addressing the problems in their life and then wonder why they aren’t satisfied. 

It’s time to get on the road to tackling your problems—begin by admitting you have them.

What pain is this issue causing you?  The pain and misery are NOT going to get any better until you admit the problem and start the process of changing. 

Stop denying, stop delaying and start admitting you need to make changes. 

Second Step: Identify  

Is your problem the real problem?  Or is your “problem” just a symptom of a deeper problem?  To get the full benefits of the “problem-solving process” and guarantee the results you desire, it’s critical you identify the root cause of the problem(s).

If you don’t and implement an action plan you will be wasting your time and resources.  It’s critical you be honest with yourself and the process.   However, by thoroughly digging in and identifying the root cause(s) of the problem, you will know what you need to deal with

Build ownership, i.e., by encountering the problem, you will understand it better, and be motivated to manage it.

Step Three: Establish

Don’t stop now, you must complete the process. You have gone through the process of admitting the problem and identifying the cause of the problem, now it’s time to create a plan which addresses each problem and lays out solutions. 

This process takes time and you will always be establishing new plans as new problems arise and you will also be adjusting current plans as needed. 

You will write out what you need to change, adjust or completely remove from your life. 

The best way to address a problem is straight on, this requires you to address the fear of change and deal with any and all mental obstacles. 

Step Four: Implement

Implementation is the critical step that trips most people up and holds them back.  This is literally where the rubber meets the road.   You have crafted a detailed plan, carefully paying attention to every detail. 

Effective implementation requires daily application. All actions and thoughts are done to avoid problems.  Corrective action is immediately taken when old behaviors creep in. 

Literally every day you wake up and commit to being the human being you have been called to be.  You are going to get the results in your life you want by being diligent in everything you do. 

Fifth Step: Evaluate 

Just when you think you have mastered a task you either slip and fail OR a new problem presents itself.  To avoid going backwards you must always be checking yourself, your attitude and your motives.

The sooner you start the process the easier it will be to complete.


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