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Do You Choose to Love Your Wife Every Day?

The idea of choosing to love someone might sound strange at first. After all, it probably never feels like you’re choosing not to love your wife. But here’s the thing: we might feel love inside for our wives, but if we don't show it we'll never have the relationship we'd like.

Telling your wife you love her is important, but words without actions mean nothing.

You don’t need to take her to five-star restaurants or make grand gestures every day.  Being present is what is important — whether it’s helping her fold laundry, relaxing in the living room together or simply listening to. Our wives usually tell us what they need from us, but we don’t hear them because we’ve decided something else is more important at that moment.  We are physically present but mentally absent.

This is where you can build real understanding, resolve tension, and share something truly positive outside the normal daily to-dos.

It’s not the big things we “get right” some of the time that makes the difference, but the everyday things we do consistently that matter.  Doing this is a choice.  If you want a better relationship with your wife, do it.

Challenge:  Spend 30 minutes a day with your wife WITHOUT your phone, computer or TV.  Just sit and talk, read a book, play a board game or help her with her work.  Spend quality time together and see what happens!


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