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Handling the "Yes Sir" Syndrome

This “yes sir” syndrome has become common in the dynamic between employee and employer, and is a dangerous ailment to businesses.  Why? 

Because these employees will always give you the answer they think you want, rather than contributing new thoughts and ideas.   This “yes sir” employee does this for one of two reasons.

First, they don’t think they have the ability to give the correct answer. They either lack confidence or knowledge, or maybe they are just lazy.

Second, they feel giving their honest answer will be met with hostility or ridicule.  This could be a confidence issue, or it could be the employer acts harshly towards those who challenge their authority or knowledge.

Employee:  It’s time to step up and out of your shell.  Educate yourself, push yourself, and make yourself into a powerhouse employee. You don’t want to stay in an environment where you can’t contribute, so you need to learn to be more assertive and have the tools to impact your team.

Employer:  If your employees aren’t performing at their best, it’s ultimately your fault.  It’s time to start listening and it’s time to create a training and development program for your employees. Find out what’s stopping them from being better and help make it happen.


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