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On Overcoming Anger and Finding Balance

ANGER: there's a five-letter word for you. It's a common emotion, but for many of us, it comes with some real costs in life.

Years ago, I had my own struggles with anger — AKA controlling my temper. Like anything, once the habit was formed it was easy to rationalize. When it came time to give my employees, I gave it as full-on criticism and told myself that if they couldn't handle it they weren't tough enough to be a part of my team.

This kind of anger seems to eventually invite paranoia. As time went on, I felt more and more like others were out to take advantage of me, like there was always an angle they must be working to treat me unfairly.

This kind of attitude took its toll over time. I started to feel worn down, and my relationships both at home and work were strained.  I even struggled to stay connected to my faith, asking myself "Why is God making me go through this?"  

Then it hit me.  What was the common denominator in all this chaos and anger?   It was me.
I needed to immediately start working on my anger.  I needed to get control of my actions and my words.  It’s been a process, to say the least.  I’ve had to bite my tongue, pinch my leg and even leave the room to avoid saying something I shouldn’t.

If you are the “angry” one it’s time to change.   It’s time to dig in and deal with the root issue of your anger.  You must take responsibility for your actions.  Know what you will discover as I did?  It’s very liberating to take control of your anger.   Words can’t explain it, but trust me. You will be very pleased if you do it.

Life Lesson:  Once we admit we have an anger issue we can deal with it.  We can embrace a path forward that makes it simpler to find direction, purpose, and balance. 


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