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Personal Peace is Possible

Worry and stress are horrible things.  In my lifetime, I’ve been paralyzed at times because I couldn’t handle what was going on.  As a Christian, this was quite embarrassing and frustrating. 

Yes, the Bible promises all these things IF you are actively seeking a relationship with God, studying His word and developing your prayer life.  You can find joy, peace and harmony — if you daily strive to know God and apply His word to your life.

When I went through changing my business model and finances it was a tight rope act at times.  Had I been the old Nathan, I know with 100% confidence that I would have been committed to a mental asylum. 

But I knew where I was headed and where God wanted me. I had peace.  My wife saw it in me.  My daughter saw it in me.  Others around me saw it in me. 

Do I still have hard times? Yes! Did I have moments of worry?  Yes!  Did I let worry and stress consume me?  NOPE! 

Life Lesson:  God loves you and cares for you, but to get the benefits God has for you, you must walk with Him daily.


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