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003: Do you want to feel better?

Entering my 30’s, I was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease and mild spinal stenosis. To control the pain, I had steroid shots in my spine, trigger point injections in my muscle, and pain meds.

By the time I turned 40, I was on 240 milligrams of morphine a day and getting over a dozen trigger point injections every 8-12 weeks.

Then worse got even worse. Between the age of 39 and 40, my metabolism decided to take a permanent vacation. The timely was horrible. My diet consisted of 12 cokes a day, candy, chips, carbs, occasional protein, and very few “green” things.

In one year, I gained 42 pounds. Needless to say, my health had deteriorated to the point where I seriously wondered if I would find myself in a wheelchair before I was 50.

Is your life similar to mine? Listen to what I did!

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